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MyStory Mondays 10-9-17 It is #TransferStudentWeek!


MyStory Mondays is a weekly digest of our latest posts.

Our UAlbany MyStory Bloggers share their lives with you to help you to stay focused on your goals, to remind and inform you about the many supports that we have on campus to help you succeed, and to let you know that, whatever you are going through, you are not alone. 

This week, get ready to dance, write, be in suspense, and to focus on being more focused.

We are featuring some of our older stories from our, current and former, UAlbany Transfers in celebration of the First National Transfer Student Week.



“You feel all over the place, you get tired and stop working as efficiently as you could. You are using up energy you could be using to achieve your goals.” 

bokeh-2552956_960_720UAlbany transfer student, Heather talks about the difficulties of staying focused and how mastering the mountain of distraction has helped her to overcome the naysayers, academic hurdles, and more.  Click here to check out her latest post.

Every one of our transfer students has a unique story of how they became a Great Dane. This week, Kayla, who is thriving at UAlbany, takes us through the first part of her journey here, through a time when things were not going so well. Click here to read Soaked: Breakdown to Breakthrough Pt. 1.

Tiffany Finkle

Lee MUAlbany graduate and transfer student, Lee McPeters, shares how he really struggled to succeed academically. Click here to check out his series: Struggling on the Pathway to Success – Thoughts of C Average Student.

“When I transferred to UAlbany, the almost 360 degree change was overwhelming. Classes were now much larger, and I had to start fresh and make new friends and mentors. With this change, I started to retreat inward and the pattern of self-sabotage started.” 

His story does not end there!



This week, our “Resolutionary” bloggers Simonti and Anik write about two very different resolutions. Anik shared how he is resolved to love writing. He used to hate writing, so anything less than hate is progress right? Click here to check out his transition from being a person who hates writing to someone who tolerates it with a smile. In case you were wondering, yes, our blogger hates writing. We thing that he is doing a social experiment on himself through MyStory.

Simonti’s blog is musical. Get ready to dance to Hindi music and smell the good food through her writing. She shared how she learned to embrace her culture on her own time. Click here for more.

Finally the New York State Writers Institute has prepared an incredible series: Telling the Truth in a Post-truth WorldA multi-event symposium of topics crucial to an open democratic society. Talk about stories! Check out their program.

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The Power of Focus


If you listen to any successful person talk about how they got to where they are, a lot of times, the word focus will be mentioned at some point. Everyone wants to be successful, but many of us lack focus. Although we live in this multitasking age, multitasking just does not work. And I am not just talking about daily tasks. I am talking about greater focus in life. Look back and be honest with yourself. Do you consider yourself to be a focused person? I personally do not consider myself  to be a focused person. I constantly have to remind myself, “Heather, be focused.” We are constantly getting distracted from what we need to be focused on. Whether we are distracted by our phones, other people, worried thoughts or, you fill in the blank. Continue reading “The Power of Focus”

Soaked: Breakdown to Breakthrough Part I


Working for my family’s business was my first real job.  It was flexible and an opportunity for me to get some work experience, develop my communication skills, and it was an opportunity for me to learn the basic foundations of working in the world of retail.  New Visions forced me to adapt in ways that were unfamiliar to me. It forced me to throw myself into chaotic environments and allowed me to explore a field I thought I wanted to be part of.     Continue reading “Soaked: Breakdown to Breakthrough Part I”

Embracing My Culture

Holi Image © Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar
Image from © Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar

Growing up, I was always, in a way ashamed, of my culture because of the ridiculous stereotypes that came along with being south-Asian, so I never really wanted anything to do with being south-Asian. I remember my parents always trying to force me into listening to Hindi and Bengali music or fit me into traditional attire and I was having none of it. They would be so angry, that I was trying “so hard to become American”. Although they never understood that it was not because I wanted to become “American,” but rather, it was because I did not want anything to do with the stereotypes. To me, Hindi music was always something foreign because of the very different instruments and rhythm used. Not knowing Hindi was also a major setback because I had no idea what the singers were singing about. My parents used to play the core Bollywood classics like “Kal Ho Naa Ho” or “Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana Sanam” to the point where I have the words engraved in my brain but I have no idea what they meant. Continue reading “Embracing My Culture”

MyStory Mondays 10-2-17


MyStory Mondays is a weekly digest of our latest posts.

Our UAlbany MyStory Bloggers share their lives with you to help you to stay focused on your goals, to remind and inform you about the many supports that we have on campus to help you succeed, and to let you know that, whatever you are going through, you are not alone. 

bodybuilder-646482_960_720.jpgIs there a goal that you have set for yourself, that you have failed to meet over and over again? What happened to it? Anik writes about his repeated failure to meet his health goals. He did not give up on himself. Eventually, with the support of his friends, he was able to fulfill his resolutions.

Click here to check out Anik’s post.


Simonti writes about her difficulty with change, and how she is slowly learning to appreciate the power of adaptation. Click here to read her post.

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mountain-2565372_960_720.jpgHeather writes about how focusing on the many little wins helps one to deal with their failures, no matter how huge those failures might be.

If you pay attention to all your little wins throughout the day, it is easier to deal with the losses when they happen. And they will happen. And you will fixate on them. You are going to feel the loss way more intensely than the win. So, that being said, each little win needs to count. You need them to stay strong. You need at least 5 little wins for every loss. They are your backup. They are your soldiers marching behind you. Click here to read more.

barefoot-1835661_960_720How does one find their passion? Kayla shares the beginning of her search. Click here for more. 




Want more stories? Click here.

Getting My Feet Wet


I was raised by a hard working, motivating, and humble family.  My grandparents  started a business geared toward outdoor enthusiasts.  Shortly after, my father started his own business. When both grandparents fell ill, my family worked hard to maintain both businesses. This was a long period of great stress. Through all of this, I had to get through elementary, middle, and high school.  My social life was lacking. I did not fit in with my peers, and while I was involved in extracurricular activities, I still struggled with answering the question of, “What is my passion?” Continue reading “Getting My Feet Wet”

It’s About the Little Wins



College can be an incredibly tumultuous time for people, filled with high highs and low lows. The school year can be so stressful. Between homework, studying for tests, working, going to class, and having a social life; it is hard to remain sane. Although it is important to keep your grades up and remain diligent, you also have to keep your mental and emotional well-being in check. This is way easier said, than done. Continue reading “It’s About the Little Wins”