Project MyStory Workshops – COME!

This semester, Project MyStory has prepared several workshops and story circles to help you focus, refocus, plan for your future, and thrive. These workshops are not lectures, they are quite interactive and may sometimes involve glue! Joe D. , Asha P., Ashley W. and Leobianny H. (pictured above) are your facilitators this semester. Take a break and be refreshed. Attendee limit 15. Register ASAP. We hope to see you there!

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Through the Looking Glass:
A Look at the Past and Present to Make the Best of the Future

Facilitator: Ashley W. – 6 Workshops

The Soundtrack to Our Lives
A Walk in My Shoes – Facilitated with  Joe D. (2016 Orientation Leader)
Refocusing Workshop (Midterm Recuperation)
I Am
What I Hold in My Hands
The Vision

“Here” @ UAlbany
Facilitator: Asha P. – 5 Workshops

Path to Getting “Here”
Struggle of Being “Here”
Relationships “Here” and There
What You’ve Become “Here”
What’s After “Here”

Embracing the Uncomfortable
Facilitator: Leobianny H. – 3 Workshops

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Dealing with Distractions
I am the Impossible

Upcoming Workshop:


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