Winter/Spring 2018 Semester-Specific Course Descriptions

Fall 2017 Classes

Did you know that several departments offer semester-specific course descriptions? 

Some professors give you insight into the type of readings you will examine, how your performance will be evaluated, and their goals for the courses they are teaching. This can be especially useful for courses like Rewriting America and Selected Topics in Political Science where the topics vary. Don’t you want to know more about the classes you are selecting? For a link to the course descriptions in our catalog, click hereClick on the links below to access the semester-specific descriptions. 



History, Documentary Studies, Judaic Studies, and Religious Studies

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Music Lessons and Ensembles


Political Science (POS) & Public Administration and Policy (PAD)


#UAlbany2021: Your Schedule


If you are an incoming frosh, anxiously awaiting to receive your schedule, please know that you will have a schedule before your orientation date, and you will be able to make some changes to your schedule. You may not be able to make every desired change. We will address making changes to your schedule later in this post.

Before creating your schedule, we look at the following:

  • Your scheduling constraints (athletes, commuters, students with health concerns, etc.)
  • Your admissions file, including your high school transcripts and your college essay
  • Any college credits that you self-report,
  • The course request form you completed when you Registered for Orientation.

Based on the information that you provide and the requirements of your major, we create your schedule.  If you are in a Living and Learning Community (L-LC) , you will be scheduled for two classes with your L-LC.

Chat with Us


We will be live 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 21, on the Class of 2021 Facebook page to answer general questions about academic advisement and scheduling at UAlbany. We hope to connect with you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions about 1st-year student scheduling: Continue reading “#UAlbany2021: Your Schedule”

Transfer Tuesdays IV

Our Next Transfer Advisement Day is Tuesday, June 20. Will You Be There?

9a42c81259d79d0ceaea80c392c3cf4aWelcome to UAlbany!

As you are preparing to begin the next leg of your academic journey here, we want to share some useful and fun information to help you transition to your new educational home.

Every Tuesday, we will share one or two personal stories from our transfer students, along with information from advisors that we think would be helpful. 

It is always a great day to be a Great Dane!
The Advisement Services Center Team

Make sure to check out the Welcome Page. The Welcome Page has information about housing, registration, health forms, billing and more. Please MAKE SURE to submit all of your health information before August 1.

Meet Jeniva Austin

jeniva-austin-1.jpgJeniva volunteered for Project MyStory in Spring 2017 and she is currently a Transfer Transition Leader. This is Part I of her story:

When I got accepted to the University at Albany, I knew things would be different. Transferring from a community college where everyone knew each other, even if they were not friends; having no lecture halls, more one-on-one time with professors, and a smaller environment, were all things things that I knew would change with my big step into university life. But there were some things I had not realized would happen.

When I first arrived at UAlbany, I was nervous, but I did not want my mom to know. She’s the ‘okay pack your things up, you can just go to school back home’ kind of parent. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and I was not going to let a little anxiety change that. So when it came time to go to class, I made sure to sit somewhere in-between the first three rows. Second row… third seat to be exact. It was my birth date,  2/3, so I never forgot my unassigned, “assigned” seat. I decided that no matter how hard I thought a class was, I would do everything in my power to pass.  I was not going to let the title “university” scare me into thinking that I did not have what it took to succeed. But you see, when I got accepted to the university, the week before classes began, I was placed on a sophomore quad. So that ultimately left me out of the loop when it came to transfer events, which lead to me not attended any transfer events… not even our orientation. While most transfers were gathering to hear all about the resources and cool things the university has for them, I was making my schedule.

Are YOU Coming to one of our Transfer Advising Days?
June 20 | August 1 | August 22 | August 24
If not, you may miss out on the
August 25 Transfer Orientation!

This does not apply if you have already
with your academic advisor
and have made your schedule.


Meeting Rachel Moody, my academic advisor, goes down as one of the coolest days here at UAlbany. She was upbeat, honest, and very passionate about helping me figure everything out. That quickly changed to the worst day I had at the university, the moment she pulled out my degree audit and told me that I was not graduating in two years, like I had planned to. She started asking me questions like, why did I come to UAlbany? Why did I want to study psychology? What was the rush on graduating? And what other fields could I see myself in? These were all questions I thought I knew the answers to, up until I was sitting in front of her. After my meeting with her I was done before I had even started and wanted nothing more than to figure out how I would get the credits I needed to graduate in May 2018. I told myself that I was going take the regular 15 credits my first semester, and start to add extra classes to my schedule every semester after that… Boy did I lie to myself.

Somehow I managed to make it through the fall semester with a few ups and downs in my classes, maybe only four weekends spent here in Albany… and oh, I became a resident assistant. So there I was, in the spring semester: a new RA and only taking twelve credits. So, not only did I not take the extra classes I said I would when I first got here, but I was taking less. My mom was so excited that I got the RA position, she ignored the fact that I was now another three credits behind.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering how this story ties back to me being a transfer student… but it does. The moment I decided to schedule my classes at Transfer Orientation, the Friday before classes began, was the moment, I unknowingly missed everything Orientation had to offer. It was the day I slipped into the group of many transfer students who know nothing about anything the university has to offer us.  I was not connected on the UAlbany Transfers Facebook Page to let me know what I was missing. That page was not even created until last Spring. I had slipped through the cracks and I was lost. Coming into the university as a second, semester sophomore instead of a junior, is the day that I became a story that many other transfer students are able to resonate with. Now, I am in a position to help incoming transfer students, just like me. I am working hard to reach the goals I set for myself the first day I stepped onto this campus, because being a transfer did not break me as a student but made me a stronger one.

Click Here for the 2017
Transfer Orientation Guidebook

Next week, Jeniva will share the second part of her story. She will talk about housing, getting connected and more. Stay tuned!

Belated MyStory Mondays 6-5-17


MyStory Mondays is a weekly digest of our latest posts.
We are all done for the semester, but we are going to go back in time and share some posts that, we hope, will be useful to our new Danes!
New Danes – Make sure to complete your course request form and register for Orientation at

erica a4

Are you thinking about studying abroad? Take a trip with Erica Bertucio in her blog series, Around the World and Into Myself.

Billy L

Billy Lang did not study abroad, but he did spend a semester in New York City, interning at a marketing firm while earning credit for his experience. Yes, you can do that! We have several opportunities for students to earn credit through applied learning. Click here for more information.

Billy ended up transferring to another school, that was closer to his internship site because they were so impressed with his work that they wanted him to stay. Although he is no longer at UAlbany, he is still a Great Dane and he has left his mark by sharing his experiences with future generations!


Interested in participating in Project MyStory? Click Here

Why Can’t I Get into a Class that is Open?


During the next few weeks, we are going to address some frequently asked registration questions. If you have a general registration question and you think other UAlbany students would benefit from the answer, please leave it in the comments and we will address it in a post. Continue reading “Why Can’t I Get into a Class that is Open?”

Deadline – LAST DAY TO S/U/W

hourglass-40376_960_720.pngToday (Wednesday, April 5),  is the last day to withdraw or to apply the S/U grading option to a semester-length course. If you need help deciding on the best option for you, talk to your professors and meet with our advisors-on-duty, available today. 1pm-5pm.  No Appointment In Needed for our Advisors on Duty. (Yes “Advisors” – We will have more than one today!)

Continue reading “Deadline – LAST DAY TO S/U/W”

Majors and Audits – Come on Over!

mystory-what-are-you-going-to-do-with-that-majorWhat are you going to do with that Major?

If you are thinking about a major in the Humanities (English, Philosophy, History, Art, Music, Theatre, the Classics, Languages etc.), we have two workshops planned with you in mind! Mondays, February 27 and March 8, at 6:30pm in Humanities Room 354

degree-auditWhat do you need in order to graduate?

Registration Season is about to begin! Are you ready? Does DARS mean anything to you? Come and review your degree audit with our Peer Advisors. Wednesday, March 1 at 6:30pm in the Advisement Services Center, located next to the staircase in front of the Main Library.

Compass for Success


semester map.jpgThis morning, we tweeted a picture of the semester length planner, created by our partners in student success, the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP). This planner has been an academic life-saver to many of our students, and we strongly recommend getting one ASAP. We have them in our office. Please come and pick one up today!

Planning is just one part of being successful. Execution is the bread and butter of goal achievement,so what else do you need to be your best self this semester?

Several of our Peer Advisors, Project MyStory Ambassadors, and MyStory Bloggers have something to say about this.

I am going to highlight just a few of their posts, but I invite you to surf our blog and see what nuggets can work for you. 

Sam Broking 3Sam B., has a tool kit for starting well in her post, Starting the Semester Strong. She did not come up with this list by doing a Google search. As an athlete, she learned time management and study skills the hard way. She practices what she preaches and she has benefited from establishing better habits.  It is so easy to get off track.

Also check out From Zero Point Five to Hero by Melissa F. and Midterms, Finals, and Due Dates by Kate E. If you are working on your senior thesis, or are on the cusp of graduating, check out Phoebe’s blog series: Trials of Non-Traditional Students. It is filled with useful information for preparing for your next steps, right now!

Lee MLee’s entire blog is about how he learned to succeed at UAlbany. Lee had many things working against him, and academics were quite a struggle. Hence the title of his blog: C Average Student: Struggles on the Pathway to Success.



dsc_1252Jon writes about finding the best place to study. There are so many nooks and crannies on campus that you might miss if you fail to explore. For some of you, your room or suite, works like magic. You may have already
found your favorite tree, or spot in the library. Do what works for you. But if you want a fun exploration break, or need more ideas about where to study, check out this post: Where do You Study?

dsc_1255Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your academic responsibilities. Konya shares different strategies to de-stress and self-care in her post,  Top Ten Ways to De-stress. In Addition, Check out Liz B’s 3 Research Papers & 5 Final Exams: No Partridge and a Pear Tree for Me; Leo’s Advice from a Crazy Person;


I hope that these resource have been helpful. There is a Help Me! tab at the top of the page, that links to a lengthy list of academic and personal resources, available to all UAlbany students. If you do not know where to turn, feel free to come see the advisor-on-duty, available on a walk-in basis, 1pm-5pm, Monday -Friday in the Advisement Services Center.

Written by Rachel Moody,
Academic Advisor, Advisement Services Center





The Minor Problem with Picking a Major

So here’s the deal. You graduate high school and go to college for 4 years, studying so that you can get the degree of your choice, so that you can get a job with that degree, so that you can provide for yourself and the family you’ll eventually have and so that one day you can send your kids to college. It’s the circle of life, how beautiful. Not. Not for me at least. You see I unfortunately wasn’t blessed with knowing exactly what I want to do with my life. There are some people, actually many people who come into college fully aware of what path they want to take in. This benefits them in many ways, the biggest being that they are able to plan. Plan what classes to take, what grad schools to look into, what internships to apply for. Continue reading “The Minor Problem with Picking a Major”