Tales from a Careful, Carless Commuter

     With each year that passes I look back and I can see how much I’ve grown as a person. My slow transformation into adulthood took a huge step this year when I decided to rent my first apartment with four of my close girl friends. Having lived on campus for two years prior, I was excited to see what this new living environment would bring. Our 5-bedroom apartment is on the second floor of an old townhouse, and right in the middle of downtown life. Little bodegas litter the street I live on and I get to call an old brick coffee house my next door neighbor. The neighborhood is a mixture of college students and people who live there all year round. You may have a frat house on one side of you and a family of five on the other. The clash of the different cultures is very prevalent yet we all coexist together peacefully. One of my biggest concerns when moving into my apartment was my safety. I just spent all this time living in this monitored, super safe bubble that is campus housing and now I’m suddenly walking the streets of Albany alone just to get home. With all the dangers that lurk in the neighborhood I live in, I try to be as smart and safe as possible. Despite all this, it’s still amazing to have a place to call my own. There’s a lot more responsibility that come with having an apartment but my housemates and I have been up for the challenge and there’s honestly no better feeling than being able to share a space with my best friends.   Continue reading “Tales from a Careful, Carless Commuter”