I Am the Impossible

If there is anything a Dane is good at, it’s overcoming obstacles. Here at the University at Albany, people of all different ages and background attend school in hopes of making their goals become reality. However, there are many problems that may keep us from successfully getting on the stepping stones to this path. Whether it may be financial issues, previous academic records issues, personal life experiences or parental issues Danes still manage to be here. Some of these students are thriving in their new environment and some may be drowning in their problems but despite all that we are all still here and our trying our best. When things seem impossible remember that there is always an alternative way to make things fall into their right place. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused! Continue reading “I Am the Impossible”


Advice from a Crazy Person

Staying focused is not always an easy feat, whether it’s trying not fall asleep in class or trying to stop thinking about your concerns. Distractions are all around us, its that thought you have in the middle of a conversation, it’s the phone call from a loved one, even the lack of sleep you got the night before. I am going to share some of the ways I have dealt with my distractions and some tips I picked up on how to deal with them so that you can get work done efficiently. Continue reading “Advice from a Crazy Person”

The Truth is…

refreshment-438399_960_720It it no secret that life naturally makes us go through uncomfortable situations. However, college has a way of bringing out the most embarrassing situations forward, things we have never experienced before. For example, it wasn’t until I got to college that I became neighbors with things like sex and drugs. Last year as a freshman, my sleep was interrupted by an intoxicated girl in a thong climbing into what she thought was her friend’s bed. To say that I was embarrassed and frightened was only the tip of the iceberg emotions I was going through. I learned one very clear message that year: always lock your doors. Continue reading “The Truth is…”