Navigating RoomHATE

Growing up, I was the only girl, so naturally I got my own room. I did not think that sharing a room would ever be a problem for me. But like I said in my first blog post, college causes a lot of changes in your life and this change SUCKED! Continue reading “Navigating RoomHATE”


3+3 Pre-Law Program


Are you a 1st year UAlbany student (Freshman), interested in applying to the 3+3 program with Albany Law School?   Today would be a good day  to come to our office!  Laura Sprague, Albany Law School Associate Director of Admissions, in charge of the 3+3 admissions process, will be holding office hours in ASC today from 2-4.

Click Here for more information about the Albany Law School-UAlbany 3+3 Program.

Student/Faculty Conflicts

Fantastic tips for addressing difficulties or misunderstandings you may have with your professors!

Iona College Mass Communication Advising


 Student/Faculty Conflicts

Often students come to me when they are having trouble with a professor. Most of the time it revolves low grades, but sometimes it is just about personality conflicts. I try to avoid “pat” answers or advice.  Does this sound familiar? “There will be bosses throughout your career that you don’t personally like, but you need to get along with all types.” Although this is true, it doesn’t validate REAL feelings of hurt, injustices or slights.

So, I am always happy to serve as the objective and confidential listener for students. I will always try to help the best I can.  I often recommend that in addition to trying to work out issues with faculty face to face, correspondence via email often serves as a good chain for both parties.  I advise students and faculty to put everything in writing (using effective, courteous communication).  This serves as…

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