Women A Loud: Two Examples

Pushing the topic of feminism into relevance is as challenging as challenging gets. Explaining the matter clearly enough for those that oppose the topic is one task. Grouping the many categories of feminism is another. Finding sincere supporters that grasp, really what feminism is, also keeping the interests of the newly concerned… the list is never ending. Thankfully, we have iconic people that help allow feminism to reach across all crowds. Whether these icons’ audiences support feminism, they definitely have an idea of what it is in some sort of way. Continue reading “Women A Loud: Two Examples”

Rape Culture

rape culture
Image Credit: Leigha Cann

Assisting a friend, Taylor, who I interviewed for one of my previous blogs; I consented to be interviewed on the topic of Rape culture. Taylor is a student at the university majoring in documentary studies and this is her exit project since she is scheduled to graduate in May. The interview will be visually recorded and I may be able to feature the video as part of my blog, once Taylor has concluded all her work. I plan on writing after the interview in preparation of the video post, and after that, I plan to share the new level of awareness I believe the interview will bring. Continue reading “Rape Culture”

Feminism According to UAlbany Students


Hearing the term feminism sometimes turns off a lot of people. They sometimes immediately go to thinking something along the lines of reverse sexism. Ashley Yenick, a student at Merrimack College made a vlog, asking 4 colleagues (all women) “word association: when you hear the word “feminism’ what do you think of?” According to Ashley’s findings, keywords shared among the women were “empowerment” and “equality”. In hopes of finding what words, students on my campus associated with “feminism”, I did the same, asking the same question, to both female and males. With feedback from 5 persons, I was able to explore what feminism means to those attending UAlbany. Continue reading “Feminism According to UAlbany Students”

Women in the Classroom – Uplifting Women

zayed-university-486518_960_720.jpgSince I’ve touched basis on the everyday dealings of being a female… Now to introduce the core of our college experiences: the classroom. As college students, the majority of our time is spent in the classrooms, the lecture halls, anywhere other than our comfortable (or not so comfortable) dorm rooms. The average reader would think “yea, what is so great about the classroom?” However, a study of race and gender oppression in the classroom  shows that many of the females’ limitations are actually emerging from what is supposed to be our innocuous classrooms, whilst mixing race as part of the matter. Continue reading “Women in the Classroom – Uplifting Women”