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Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Franshelis pays tribute to Gilbert Baker, the creator of the LGBTQ flag and talks about what this symbol means to her. 

“To me, having a gay flag is as important as having my country’s flag on display. I find there’s a sense of pride in having a flag that can define you in some ways. It reminds me that I am proud to be who I am. I have several in my room, as decoration. For my most recent residential life program, I held a paint and sip (with sparkling apple cider, of course) and what I chose to paint was a LGBTQ flag. I now have it leaning by my window, facing out so everyone walking by can see.”   Click Here to Read More

Time is Value


Whether you are a UAlbany Dane about to graduate, or a student continuing on, these lessons about your precious time are key to minimizing your stress and valuing your worth. This is NOT a blog post about time-management tips.

Billy Lang wrote this post in March 2016, when he “Studied Abroad” in NYC! He was offered an internship at a marketing firm and it taught him lessons for a lifetime. 

“My experience interning at Nikko Asset Management Americas, Inc., has showed me that as a person it is healthy to be well-rounded. What I have experienced for myself is that it is easier for me to wake up on Monday morning when I know I had a fulfilling weekend. I have a better state of mind when thinking about work and it becomes less of a drag, and reason to wake up at 530 AM, and more of a means to an end, with that end being capital to spend on things I enjoy doing. When my time is money, I want to know that my actions have a purpose beyond working for the sake of work.” Click Here to Read More.

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