Meet our Fall 17′ @UAlbanyMyStory Bloggers Pt. 3

Through videos, blogs, posters, small group meetings, community outreach, and presentations, our UAlbany Project MyStory bloggers their experiences – the good and the  bad; the ugly and the beautiful. Check us out every Monday, after 12 pm, for MyStory Mondays, when we share the latest posts. 

Meet Heather

” I am pulling grades I once only dreamed about.
And no one saw it coming. Not even me.”

Heather Intro.jpeg

Hello everyone! My name is Heather Moore. I am currently a senior here at UAlbany in the BA/MA program for Communication. I transferred to UAlbany two years ago from Hudson Valley Community College, after earning my associates degree in business administration. I was born and raised here in the Albany area. I love traveling, yoga, a good movie, and a complicated question.

Before coming to UAlbany, when I was a student at HVCC, I had no grand plans of continuing my education at a 4 year university. In high school I was a mediocre student with focus issues and a discouraged attitude. Once I reached Hudson Valley, I struggled for a while to find direction (as most students do). When I had finally chosen a path, my goal was to finish. That’s it. Just to finish. I never felt I had what it took to be a student at a 4 year school, so I never imagined myself as one. And my advisors were let’s say…less than encouraging when I prompted them about the possibility of continuing my education. I even had one advisor tell me not to bother applying to UAlbany because I would “have no chance” at acceptance.

However, what nobody knew, was that I did have a chance. I just had to “unlock my potential,” as cliché as it sounds. With the help of some very special people, I learned how to focus myself and slowly started gaining confidence in my abilities, not only as a student, but as a person. And when that happened, everything changed. I became a straight-A student for the first time in my life. And while visions of a future with new possibilities began popping into my head, the voices of doubt quieted.

This newfound confidence was a little uncomfortable for me at first, if I am being honest. I thought I knew my limits before. I had accepted them long ago. Believing in myself and utilizing my potential was new territory for me. But I knew the feeling of failure and I knew could deal with it again if I had to. So I jumped. I jumped fast and hard and landed myself an acceptance into the Communication program at UAlbany. I will never forget the feeling of holding that acceptance letter in my hands. I cried. My mom cried. It was an intense moment.

Two years later, and the girl who believed she had no shot, is now the same girl who is in a special masters program. I am pulling grades I once only dreamed about. And no one saw it coming. Not even me. A couple professors here at UAlbany who had seen potential in me gave me the courage to press forward. Their belief in me, inspired belief in myself. And to them I am forever grateful.

I wanted to share some of my story with others because I want to do the same for someone else that was done for me. To hear the words “you can.” You can be something great. You can accomplish more than you think; if you give yourself a chance. The hardest thing to do, is to break down the box you build around yourself. My hope is to help other students find their courage. I want students to acknowledge themselves as capable individuals and realize that they are worth more than they might think.  Because it is too easy to forget.

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Meet our Fall 17′ @UAlbanyMyStory Bloggers Pt. 2

Through videos, blogs, posters, small group meetings, community outreach, and presentations, our UAlbany Project MyStory bloggers their experiences – the good and the  bad; the ugly and the beautiful. Check us out every Monday, after 12 pm, for MyStory Mondays, when we share the latest posts. 

Meet Simonti and Anik

My name is Simonti Banik and I am a very talkative, travel-loving, dog-loving, Biology and English major at UAlbany.

Simonti and Anik

And this is us, just two kids that happened to grow up right around each other in Sutphin, Queens with all the same mutual friends but didn’t meet until we accepted to join the 21k Student-wide UAlbany family. Anik having moved to Albany through his middle school years, and me surfing the MTA and enjoying NYC public high schooling, has forcibly and unknowingly led us to grow up in two very different environments.

In this blog, we decided to work together to talk about some of our resolutions, past present and future that we have made, broke, are in the process of becoming resolutions or are working on to see how different we are. Having a resolution itself, big or small is important because it indicates that you want to work on something –  anything, to improve yourself. This is an important first step, especially in today’s world, considering everything that is happening around us, such as incidents of racism, police brutality, and bullying.

One person working on one slight aspect of themselves to improve for the better can affect many individuals in their path and can lead to a more aware, open minded, and sensitive society. That person’s little resolution may help some of societies issues to subside or, may even,  start a transformation that will be captured in textbooks, many years from now. Be sure to check out both my and Anik’s blog to read about our successful and failed resolutions along with the ones in progress and hopefully it will influence you to make a resolution, big or small, for yourself.

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Simonti and Anik woods

My name is Anik Paul. I am just entering my junior year here at UAlbany. My friend, Simonti, is also entering junior year with me. I am an economics major with a business minor and she is a double major in biology and English. In my two years here at the university, I have learned a lot and have grown significantly as a person. Time management is a major thing that I have grown in. I used to be a huge procrastinator. Over the semesters I have learned how essential it is to plan ahead of time because sometimes professors may give last minute assignments. Another aspect I have grown in is staying motivated. Every semester, lots of students go in to the semester thinking this is their semester, they are going to study a lot and do amazing, but as the semester goes on, they get tired and loose motivation. I was one of these students as well. In my blogs, I hope to address all the obstacles I encountered as a freshman, and a commuter student, and in general to  help the other students get through these obstacles by telling them how I have dealt with situations and what other ways there are to deal with these various situations by setting goals to make changes/ improvements. As a result, seeing that other students are dealing with the same problems they are will make them feel like they are not alone.

Knowing that this semester ends around New Year’s, Simonti and I have decided to collaborate on resolutions to speak out about the many ways we’ve improved through the years with resolutions that we’ve set that were successful, not so successful, and in the progress. I made a personal goal of comparing my resolutions with Simonti because I expect them to be very different and our ways of dealing with goals to be very different which may represent how everyone in a society are tackling their own goals and making their own ways for improvement. As a result of this, I hope that our readers can take the idea that it’s necessary to be kind and respectful of others in a world where it is hard to improve for oneself and maybe even make a resolution for themselves, big or small.

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Words of Encouragement

logoWhen I first started this blog, I didn’t know how much of an impact it would have on people. As much as I had hoped for at least one person to be able to relate to my experiences and feel some comfort, I did not actually think I would get the feedback I have received.

The past few weeks have shown me that I am supported by so many people, such as co-workers, my current Res Life supervisor, other Pro-Staff members, one of my professors, my counselor at CAPS, family and friends.

My post from last week was actually inspired by a conversation my friend Felix and I had back in August. We both experienced grief the previous semester, and did not reach out to anyone, nor each other, and we had similar reasons why we didn’t. He shared my post from last week on Facebook, remembering our conversation on that topic and reminded me, “Just know you’re not alone.” Continue reading “Words of Encouragement”